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We often know of dogs who are not in our care but are nevertheless in need of a new home for various reasons. Some of these are below. Because we don't know the dogs so well as those we have in our care, we pass on the details in good faith but can't vouch for them. Please note that (except where stated) the contact numbers quoted are not RSPCA numbers.


Age: 8 years

Breed: West Highland Terrier

Gender: Female


We are helping Bonnie's owners find her a new home. Bonnie is an 8 year old Westie. She is a quiet dog who loves lots of affection and attention. She's brilliant with children, and is generally very good while out, but can be a bit nervous around heavy traffic. She needs a new home through no fault of her own, and is looking for someone who has plenty of time to give her lots of affection and cuddles. Bonnie is not staying with the RSPCA, but she can be contacted via our email, or contact direct on 01432 272073.

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