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We often know of dogs who are not in our care but are nevertheless in need of a new home for various reasons. Some of these are below. Because we don't know the dogs so well as those we have in our care, we pass on the details in good faith but can't vouch for them. Please note that (except where stated) the contact numbers quoted are not RSPCA numbers.


Age: 4 years

Breed: German Shepherd x Husky

Gender: Male


This gorgeous boy isn't in our care, but his distraught human has to let him go to a new home as he gets too excitable around children. He's a 4 year old, neutered German Shepherd cross husky called Simba, and really is the most lovable boy you could ever meet. Simba is looking for a new person(s) with experience of German Shepherds. He's very smart, he responds well to training, and thoroughly enjoys learning. Simba would love a home where there are no children, or visiting children, preferably in the country, or somewhere quiet. He loves his walks, the longer the better, especially when there's water involved, and will play ball for hours, although you need 2 as he's not too keen on giving them up. He would like a home where someone is home most of the time, he wouldn't like to be left for a working day, or someone who likes going out a lot in the evenings. He is sensitive to noise and excitement, and get boisterous, so he needs a calm home, but with lots of stimulation. He has lived with cats in the past, but will chase them, so would need a very careful introduction. He's fine living with other female dogs, in fact he gets less anxious when left home alone with another dog. To arrange a meeting, please call Sarah on 07773965703.


Age: 2 years 7 months

Breed: American Bulldog

Gender: Male


George is a 2 year and 7 months old American bulldog who is looking for a loving new home. He loves his walks and is friendly around children and other dogs. Please note that George is not in our care so for any further information please call his owners on 07387285013


Age: 4.5 years

Breed: Staffordshire Terrier

Gender: Female


This gorgeous girl is up for rehoming. She is approximately 4 and a half years old, and is microchipped. Angel is very friendly with people and is good, though boisterous, around dogs, as staffies are. She gets very excitable around children too, so very young children best avoided as she might accidentally hurt them with her play. She would also need a cat-free home. If anyone would like to meet her please ring 01568 363538 to speak to Tracey as Angel is not in our care.

Female staffie cross

Age: 7 years

Breed: Labrador

Gender: Male


This lovely Staffie cross is looking for a new home. She is up to date on all her routine vet care and is microchipped. She is 5 years old, has a great temperament and gets on very well with children and other dogs. As she is not in our care, we don't have any further information about her so to find out more, please contact her current owner directly on 07725937311.


Age: 7 years

Breed: Labrador

Gender: Male


Chester is looking for a special new home due to a change in his owner's circumstances. He is a large, heavy set 7 year old red Labrador who can be clumsy and has a habit of barging in to your legs, so would not be suitable to a home with small children. Chester was born with problem joints, particularly his front right shoulder. He only needs very short walks and cannot cope with stairs or getting in to vehicles. Chester is protective over his food and will snap if he is disturbed while eating. Chester has been neutered but he is not currently vaccinated. He is well socialised with other dogs. Chester is a country dog and has rarely been on a harness and lead. He is loyal and needs lots of attention otherwise he barks. Chester is not in our care, so please email adele64@talktalk.net for more information.


Age: 3 years


Gender: Male


Wolfy the Collie is not in our care but we are helping his current owners find him a new home. Wolfy is 3 years old and is currently residing with an older man who is severely disabled. He can no longer keep up with Wolfy and feels Wofly would be much better off in an environment better suited for him. He is a very intelligent dog who loves to play ball and is very active. He might be better placed perhaps as a farm dog and would benefit from further training to keep his mind active. Wolfy is house trained and microchipped. Wolfy might be better suited to a home an only pet as he has not yet been introduced to many other animals and can be a little scared sometimes. If you think you could offer Wolfy a home, please call 07514650451.


Age: 8 months

Breed:Rottweiler x Labrador x Bull Whippet

Gender: Male


Dave is not in our care but his owner desperately needs to find him a new home, through no fault of his own. Dave is a mix breed Labrador x Rottweiler x Bull Whippet. He is approximately 8 months old and is very energetic. He is good with children as he currently lives with two little ones but because of his size he has been known to knock them over. He is good with other dogs and seems to be OK with cats. He is up to date with his injections. If you could offer Dave a home, please email kirstydurham@yahoo.co.uk.


Age: 8 years

Breed:Cross breed

Gender: Male


This cheeky chap is called Lucky. He's an 8 year old, neutered cross breed, who is fully vaccinated and ready to find himself a new family. He loves the outdoors and even just padding around in a garden, but he's found himself in a flat with no garden. He loves people, and is known to be good with cats and other dogs. Lucky isn't in our care so if you can help please call Pearl Bowring on 01432 269957 or 07974265762.


Age: 5 years

Breed:Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Gender: Male


George is a lovely 5 year old Staffie and we are helping his owner find him a new home. George needs a new home through no fault of his own. He's great with children and has lived in a house with 4 kids, he has also lived with a female sheepdog who he got on with very well. George is a very clever and outgoing lively boy who loves long walks and playing ball in the garden. If you could offer George a home please contact Cheryl on 07547725013.

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