Lost and Found

This page is offered as a service to the public to allow people who have lost pets or found strays to advertise the fact, in the hope that pet and owner can be re-united. We provide the information in good faith but are not responsible for its accuracy.

If you think you have found one of the animals (or own a found animal), please contact us.

The Useful Links page contains links to other websites for lost/found animals.




  • Alfie is a 12 year old ginger tom with white patches on his nose, cheeks, chest, paws and under his tummy and is short haired. He has a small scar on his nose, he has a half length tail and has been neutered. Unfortunately he hasn't been micro chipped and doesn't wear a collar. He was last seen fit and well, enjoying the sunshine in his back garden (in the Lower Bullingham area just off Holme Lacy road) on the morning of Friday 8th May and it is very out of character for him to disappear for more than a day. If you have any information about Alfie, please contact his owner on 07969787545 or sjeddy19@gmail.com.
  • Jinx is a young black and white cat and has been missing from Bullingham Lane, Hereford since the evening of Wednesday 22 April. He was wearing a red collar with bell attached. He is 8 months old and quite small in size, but very healthy and clean. He likes to talk and loves his food. It was his first time out and his owner is very worried about him. If you have any information about Jinx, please contact Kelly on 07583758967.
  • Missing Young male cat missing from Redhill area of Hereford. He is 7 months old and neutered. Mostly black with white bits and wearing a red collar. Please contact 01432 271073 with any information.
  • Buttons is a male tabby cat, and is microchipped. He is missing from Kingstone HR2. He’s quiet & friendly, fond of getting into houses, sheds, garages and even peoples cars/vehicles. Has not been home since 22nd March. IF YOU HAVE SEEN HIM OR BEEN FEEDING HIM PLEASE RING 07527691088
  • Earl has been missing since the begining of October from the Thruxton/Allensmore area. Any information about his whereabouts could you please phone 01981 570574
  • Honey went missing from The Pastures, Lower Bullingham, Hereford on the 1st may. Please call her owners on 07968 100372 or 01432 343029
  • Tom went missing on 17th May from Eyton, 3 miles from Leominster. He is neutered but not microchipped and has no collar. He's ginger and a medium/large sized cat aged 10 years. If you have any information please call Toms owners on 01568 611297 or 07875153826
  • Furball went missing from Church Road, Hereford and her owner was about to take her to the vets because she was limping on her right rear leg. Furball is 6 years old, spayed and microchipped. Please call her owners with any information on 01432 358758 or 07929 717673
  • Kobi is 4 years old and was not wearing a collar when he went missing from Kilvert Road, Newton Farm. He went missing during the night of 18/8/11. Please call his owner if you have any information on: 01432 379347
  • Barney Much loved pet and friend Barney went missing over the weekend (19th/20th November 2011). He is a very friendly and inquisitive cat. Tabby with white tummy and white socks. Was wearing silver collar with magnet. Please call his owner if you have any information on: 07528 055321
  • Tiger went missing in the Llangarron area on the 25th of November. He is a large male tabby with white paws, a black nose and a black tip on the end of his tail. He is micro chipped and his chip number is 781000004112727. Please contact his owners if you have any information on: 01989 770574
  • Martha went missing on Saturday 10th March some time after 2 in the afternoon. She is a 7 month old tabby female. Very small for her age. Has been spayed and still has a little shaved area as this was recently done. Martha is also micro chipped. Please contact her owners if you have any information on: 01981 550124
  • Tola (Jenny) is one of our long-term foster cats and she went missing from her home near Brockhampton at the beginning of June, possibly after a confrontation with another cat/animal outside her home. Tola is quite a shy cat who has only recently started to explore outdoors and would probably run away if approached directly. If anyone has seen her or knows of her whereabouts please could they contact us: 0845 2002962
  • Podge  is a grey and white 13 year old neutered female who went missing from the Tupsley area of Hereford on 14th July. If anyone has seen her or knows of her whereabouts please could they contact her owners on: 07855 400431
  • Captain Mog  is an 18 month old male brown tabby cat with white under his chin and on the bottom of his legs. He has been missing since 21st July 2012 from Goodwin Way in Lower Bullingham, Hereford. He is very affectionate and has been neutered and microchipped. He does not have a collar on. If you have any information about Capt Mog, please contact Kerry on: 07969 890762
  • Dusty  is a 1.5 year old cat that lives in Leominster. She was last seen at 6pm on Sunday the 16th September and going missing is completely out of character. Her sister misses her and is pining for her to come home. Please check your gardens, sheds, garages and pretty much any land you own as she is probably petrified and hiding under a bush or up a tree somewhere. She doesn’t have a collar and isn’t micro-chipped. Her distinct feature is her big bushy tail. Please keep an eye out and if you see or hear anything, even the tiniest thing, or even if you have any advice please get in touch. If you have any information about Dusty, please contact Vivian on: 07949 277 802
  • Eric  is a neutered ginger tom, 5 years old, microchipped, medium to large size with a white chin and is very stripey. He went missing from Whitehill, Weobley on Monday 8 October between 5-7pm. Eric is a real home-bird and does not wander at all - this is very out of character for him. If you see Eric or can give any information, please call Gail on: 07940 173713
  • Misty  is a long haired female cat who went missing from Clehonger at the beginning of September 2012. She has a small white moustache and is very friendly. She doe snot have a collar and is not microchipped. Please if you have any information about Misty, please call her owners on : 01568 760635
  • Wiz  is a 9 Year old, much loved neutered, Grey & white female cat. Missing from Broad Oak (HR28QZ) since 10/09/12. Please if you have any information about Wiz, please call her owners on : 07533060751 or 01981580076
  • Barney  is a tabby cat and is 12 years old. Has been missing for 3 weeks from a temporary address at Ingram Ave. He may be heading to his home address St Clare's court, Lower Bullingham, Hereford. He is microchipped. If you have any information about Barney, please contact Diane on : 07841430817
  • Gilly  was last seen on Friday 1st February 2013 in Fownhope, HR1. She is micro chipped – any vet will scan her free of charge to confirm ownership.She is neutered and cannot be used for breeding.If you see a cat that looks like Gilly, please try and take a photo on your camera or mobile phone so that her owners can see the photo if the cat has gone by the time they get there. Do you know anyone who might have started feeding her or adopted a new cat around the time of Gilly’s disappearance? Gilly could have been locked in your shed or garage by accident - please check thoroughly. Drivers, did you see an accident that could have involved Gilly? If you think you have any information about Gilly, please contact 0800 4320 340, quote ref: 141314 or email: info@animalsearchuk.co.uk.
  • Bubbles   is a tabby and white male cat missing from the Whitecross area for 2 weeks now. He is very much missed by his family. Please let us know if you have seen him or if someone has taken him in. He was wearing a red collar. If you think you have any information about Bubbles, please contact Lynne on 07581782699
  • Tigger  is a 10 month old ginger shorthaired cat. He has been neutured and microchipped and last seen Friday 8th February in Moor Farm, Hereford. Please if you live in this area, check your sheds and garages. If you think you have any information about Tigger, please contact Rachel on 07401451454
  • Buzz  is a gorgeous, friendly, long-hair silver cat. He has gone missing from Bobblestock area, and used to live in Belmont. If you think you have any information about Buzz, please contact his owners on 07429460919
  • 2 year old brown tortie cat missing from Bodenham Road, Hereford since 4th June 2013. She has a distinctive colour line down her nose. If you think you have any information about her, please contact Ady on 07717 874185 or via email at adypoole@sky.com
  • Beau has gone missing from 11 Gurney Avenue, Hampton Dene, Hereford. She was last seen Wednesday 12th June. She is a small long hair tabby, female, 11 years old and has been neutered. If you have any information please contact Lucy via email: luupy@hotmail.co.uk or on 01432 279699
  • Sassy has gone missing from Collington near Bromyard on 20th August 2013. Sassy has a medical problem , and she needs her medication urgently. Please if you have any information on her please telephone:01386 791300
  • Bo is a small female 4 year old calico and has been missing since 5 September. Her owners miss her dreadfully and say that she has never in 4 years missed a breakfast. She was wearing a black velvet collar with pentacle. Please if you have any information on Bo please telephone her owner Charline on:01432839148
  • Sparky has been missing from the Winnal/Allensmore area. She was last seen on 15th October. She was wearing a red collar and has been micro-chipped. She is approximately 1 year old, a short-haired tabby, and is quite small and dainty. If anyone has any information, please call her owner on:01981 570 591
  • This 3 year old cat has gone missing from the Roman Road, Hereford area on 18 November 2013. She is white with tabby patches and long coated. Please if you have any information on her, contact us or her owners on:01432 358779.
  • Buster is a 7 year old male black cat with a small fleck of white on his breast and a V-shape white patch between his back legs and belly. He has been missing from the Saxon gate area (off Ross road) since around 25th March 2014. Please if anyone has any information about Buster contact Gemma on 07432621268
  • Delilah went missing on Thursday 29th May, last seen that morning, north of Credenhill. She is a small-sized 3 year old, adult cat, dark silver tabby with a white chest and white paws, shorthaired, but fairly fluffy . She is a neutered female. She is relatively timid, but friendly if food is around. She doesn't like her tummy being tickled. If you have any information about Delilah, please contact us or her owner Louisa on 01342 760185.
  • Beautiful black and white long-haired young cat MISSING since March in HR 2 area. She is 1 year old and very friendly and loving so she may have made herself at home with someone. She is neutered and microchipped. Please if you have any information about this young lady, contact Ioana on 07920108769.
  • Rocky is a beautiful red burmese cat who has been missing since Monday 16th June. He went missing from the Huskinson Drive area in Hereford. He is 5 years old, neutered and has a very timid character. He was wearing a blue velvet collar when he was last seen. His family miss him terribly and if you have any information about Rocky, please get in touch with us.
  • Millie is a beautiful long haired cat that is missing from Parsonage Fields, Wellington. Her owner only moved to Herefordshire the previous Friday and Millie escaped through a bathroom window on Monday, 30th June. Please if you do have any information about Millie, contact Dyana on 01432 830950.
  • Toby was last seen Thursday 10th July in Guildford Street Hereford. He has no collar but is microchipped. He has distinctive markings on his nose - half white half black, straight down the middle of his nose. His family is desperate to get him back. If you have any information about Toby, please contact Karen on indy4537@googlemail.com.
  • Bobby is a 14 month old dark ginger male cat that went missing in the afternoon of 29th June 2014, from Hagley Park, Bartestree. He is neutered and microchipped. He has amber/golden eyes and a dark ginger 'M' above his eyes. His legs are slightly lighter in colour to his body and he has another lighter/cream patch between his back legs. If you have any information about Bobby, please contact Rebecca on 07582 343467.
  • MISSING Snow leopard Bengal cross from Wellington area, Hereford. Neutered male, microchipped, wearing a blue diamante collar with barrel ID. Please check your sheds etc. and contact Wendy with any information 07504 022104 or 10432 830423.
  • Rupert is a 3 month old kitten missing from Parkwood Cottage, Byton, LD8 2HS, on the Mortimer Trail in N Herefordshire. If you have any information please contact Mel on 01544 267080 or 07948 997664.


  • Titus is a 10 month old tri-colour Welsh Collie. He went missing on 7th July 2012 from the Puddleston area. If you have any information that may help his owners track him please call them at Barnfield Farm, Puddleston, Leominster on 01568 750 283
  • Buddy is a 2 year old Labrador X Springer. He ran off with his mum on Saturday evening (4th May 2013), she was found in the Much Cowarne area on Bank Holiday Monday, however it looks like she has covered some miles as her front pads are worn and swollen. Buddy has never been on his own before and will be very anxious and scared. He may not want to be caught, but will be hungry and never refuses food! If you have any information about Buddy, please ring the Barratts on 01531 640449 or 07909 976786
  • Scott and Sally are a brother and sister Collie pair. They have been missing since Thursday 12th December evening (approx. 5pm) from their family home at Coach House, Welshwood, Brilley, Whitney-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR3 6AJ. They are family pets and very friendly. Sally is the one with more black and Scott is the one with more white (he also has some brown markings on his face). Their family is very upset and would really appreciate it if everyone could share this and keep an eye out around the area (Eardisley, Whitney-on-Wye, Kington, Hay, Huntington etc). If you have any news or sightings please call either 07760219166 or 0755799549 at any time.
  • Cedar is an 11 year old black Labrador. He disappeared on the evening of Saturday 22 November 2014 from the Stoke Lacy area, possibly scared off by nearby fireworks . If you have any information about Cedar, please call 07970 381010.
  • Slippers & Blackie (a Norfolk terrier and Border terrier x Jack Russell) went missing on 22 January 2015 from their farm just outside of Ledbury. They are both female and microchipped. Please if you have any information about these two girls, get in touch with us..


  • Fudge is a 5 year old Dutch rabbit and has been missing from Three Elms Road in Hereford since Monday 26th October 2011. He is slightly bigger and older than in this picture but his distinguishing mark is a grey stripe near the back of his bottom. He will also come when his name is called. If you have any information please contact his owner on: 01432 842778 or 07834 506640
  • Rabbit is a 1 year old mini agouti rex rabbit, brown in colour with big brown eyes and escaped around the Hinton Road area. If you have any information please contact her owner on: 07545 624563
  • Cash has been missing from the Woonton/Ameley area since 18:30 last night (25 July 2012). He is an 18 month old male of medium size. He can be a little wary of strangers, so if you do see him, please do not try to handle him unless you are experienced with ferrets. If anyone has any information about Cash, please contact his owner John on: 07879 773694




FOUND in the Hinton area of Hereford - 4 young cats, 2 male and 2 female. Please contact us for further information.

  • FOUND: this lovely cat has been visiting a house in Leominster for the last few weeks. He is healthy and well fed and must belong to someone. If you recognize this kitty, please let us know.
  • FOUND: Male tom, ginger and white adult. He has a nick on one ear and friendly when you get to know him. He has been visiting a house for a few months and has tried to move it but the three resident cats will not accept him. If you think you recognise him, please let us know. It would be lovely to find him a home before the winter weather comes!
  • FOUND: Young black and white female cat wandering around Kilvert Road, Hereford since around 1st April. She was wearing a pink collar so must belong to someone! Please contact us if you recognise this little girl.
  • FOUND: Male tom, ginger and white. He was found in the Gelpack car park just off Stoney Street in Madley. Local residents don't recognise him so he may be lost. If you recongise him please contact Matt on 07812447537 or Gelpack work no 01981251505.


FOUND LOST DOG IN BELMONT: Black short haired female with small white patch on chest. Aged approx. 12 months. Very friendly. Found running along Haywood Lane, Belmont with a collar and lead still attached, at approx. 2.30pm Sunday 21st July 2013. No I.D. Very very hungry and thirsty. No owner could be seen in the vicinity. Please if you know someone missing a dog fitting this description contact 07794418767.

Other animals

  • FOUND: This gorgeous big lad was picked up at Kingstone via an Inspector over the Christmas period and is with one of our fosterers. If you recongise him, please get in touch!
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