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Age: 1 year

Breed: Staffordshire Terrier X

Gender: Male


This handsome boy is Bruno. He is about a year old and is a neutered, long legged Staffy cross. He has very sadly had to have his 1 back leg amputated, but this doesn't stop him living life to the full, although he can't manage really long walks now. He's looking for a very special home that can give him lots of love and attention. He can be a bit bossy with other dogs, but with the right introduction he can get along with them. He has also in the past been very good with cats and all other animals he has met. He is still very young, and as a staffy has a boisterous nature, so very young children might be best avoided.


Age: 9 months

Breed: Patterdale Terrier X

Gender: Male


Bertie is a 9 month old neutered Patterdale terrier. He is very affectionate and fine with other dogs, although he gets along better with female dogs. We are not sure how he is with cats. He is from a working/hunting strain so anyone interested should have experience of the breed or research their requirements, such as their highly energetic natures that require plenty of exercise. If you could provide this gorgeous dog a home, please get in touch with us.

Other Dogs

We often know of other dogs who are not in our care but are nevertheless in need of a new home for various reasons.

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