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Age: 1 year

Breed: Staffordshire Terrier X

Gender: Male


Beautiful Bruno is an enthusiastic and energetic young dog, so is looking for an experienced dog owner and Staffie lover for his new human. He is better with other dogs to play with, as long as they are not dominant males, or too boisterous to get him over excited. He is not good with cats as he chases if they run, and young children are not advised as he would knock them over when he plays too roughly. He needs a lot of stimulation and exercise, even though he only has three legs, so can't be left alone for long periods. Ideally, he would be best with someone who works from home, or can take him to work with them. He is currently under training, and this would need to be ongoing, so any potential adopter must have the time, and be willing to continue with his training programme. We will offer full support for as long as it is needed. Please get in touch if you could offer Bruno a home.


Age: 3 years

Breed: Staffordshire Terrier

Gender: Female


This little live-wire is called Liza. She was brought in to us via the inspectors as her owner wasn't able to meet her needs. She is 3 years old, and as with all Staffies, she has bundles of energy and love to give some new people. Although brilliant with people, she is not keen on other dogs sharing her space, so she would be best suited to a home where she could be the only dog. She hasn't been tested around cats, but as a terrier, they are probably best avoided, the same goes for very young children as she may knock them over as she bounds about. For the right person, she is lovely-natured, excitable and very loveable. Staffies are very boisterous dogs, and not everyone's cup of tea, so are better suited in energetic homes with experienced dog owners, or someone with a passion for the breed. If you are a Staffie lover, then call us now to arrange a meeting with lovely Liza.

Other Dogs

We often know of other dogs who are not in our care but are nevertheless in need of a new home for various reasons.

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